What to do with this major:
Marriage & Family Studies

Why should I major in Marriage & Family Studies?

As with most Liberal Arts majors, two related questions are often asked:  Why major in this area?  What can I “do” with this major?

The questions go together, but let’s consider the second one first.  What you can do with a degree in Marriage & Family Studies is help to shape society, for as John Paul II famously said, “the future of humanity passes by way of the family.”

Because Marriage & Family Studies focuses on the foundational building-block of society, this inter-disciplinary major – the only undergraduate program of its kind among Catholic colleges and universities in the USA -- prepares you to have an effect on contemporary culture.  This is why Marriage & Family Studies majors can enter and succeed in diverse careers, such as

  • Social Work

  • Community Services

  • Public Policy

  • Education

  • Law

In addition to those in graduate schools, Marriage & Family Studies alumni from DSU are employed in many of these areas. We’d be happy to put you in contact with any of them if you’d like to learn more!

As to the first question, what you’ll learn from our alumni, as we have, is that the program in Marriage & Family Studies offers more than career preparation.  More importantly, it can help you to become a loving spouse and parent in your own family.

Here at DSU, we believe are convinced Marriage & Family Studies, particularly as it is developed within the Catholic intellectual tradition, can help you gain a greater awareness of what makes us truly human and, with that, how our society can thrive by building strong families for the future.

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