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DeSales University teacher graduates stand out from the crowd: teachers who are effective, teachers who are technologically-savvy, and teachers who care.

In a competitive job market, our most recent graduates are getting full time jobs in education across a spectrum of schools.

Our professors stand out from the crowd, too. Their doors are open, they are current in educational reform, and they are effective teachers in high-quality courses. Along with our students, they form a strong community of learners.

What kind of teaching program are you looking for?

Teacher Certification Programs

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

  • With dual certification in special education (Pre-K – 8), teaching English as a second language, and instructional technology/online education.

  • Certification track for pre-kindergarten through 4th grade

  • Non-certification track is available for students who are not seeking certification in Pennsylvania

Secondary Education (in Biology, Chemistry, Communications, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Spanish)

  • In conjunction with a major program, secondary certification to teach grades 7–12

  • Secondary certification in a subject area can be added to ANY major including Theater, Dance, or Film

  • With dual certification in special education (7-12), teaching English as a second language, and instructional technology/online education

Value-Added Teacher Education

Field Experience in Education:  Students begin field experiences in the first semester of sophomore year, always under the guidance of a university professor.  To arrange placements, we employ two former principals with important contacts in local districts; we get the plum field placements with great local teachers. 

Study Abroad: Our Teacher Education students are studying in Rome, London, and Limerick, Ireland with Spain and other destinations on the horizon.

Teach Abroad:  In recent years, Education students have taught in primary and secondary schools in Capetown, South Africa and India through DeSales-sponsored faculty-led trips.  Recent graduates are teaching throughout Asia and other countries in full time positions.

Technology-Rich Curriculum:  DeSales University Teacher Education has received a special designation from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for our cutting edge technology integration in our teacher education programs.

Transferable Certification to Other States:  Pennsylvania mandates rigorous, clear, teacher certification standards that make Pennsylvania certification easily transferable to other states.  For additional detail on individual state certification requirements, refer to the state of choice.

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