Abstract and Presentation Submission

Abstract and Presentation Submission Form

In order to give each student or professional the opportunity to thrive in their presentation and to present with others of approximately the same educational level, we would like to know the educational level of the author or authors who will be presenting.

Please select the category which best represents your proposal:

We understand that not all authors listed will necessarily be involved in the presentation. Answer this question based solely upon those who will be presenting.

Please select the educational level of the author or authors who will be presenting. (select all that apply)

Contact Information for Primary Author and Presenter
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Faculty Mentor Information (Required for Student Presentation Only)

No more than 15 words and Title case. Do NOT include name brands or other proprietary words. Ex: The Effect of Resistance Exercise Training with and without Caffeine Supplementation on Lower Body Power

Include the authors’ first and last names separated by a comma. Do not include initials unless two individuals have the same name. Place an asterisk immediately behind the last name of any author who is an ASEP board certified exercise physiologist (EPC). No other certifications should be included in the abstract but may be included in the presentation or poster at the conference). The first author must attend and present the abstract. Ex: Elizabeth Rogers, Samuel Zeigt*, Dr. Rebecca Kudrna*, Fr. Douglas Burns

List the University or company with which the authors are associated followed by a comma, then the city and state in which the organization is centered. Then place the authors associated with that specific organization in parentheses. Ex: DeSales University, Center Valley PA (Rebecca Kudrna, Douglas Burns) Rockhurst University (Nicole Moodie)

We recommend typing the document in a word processing program and cutting and pasting the final draft here.

100 word maximum. Please explain what type of space and or materials would be required for the presentation. This will not be included in any conference materials, but are merely necessary for logistical considerations of planning and scheduling.


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