Accelerated BSN: 
Prerequisite Courses & 
GPA Requirement

GPA Requirement

The applicant must have a bachelors’ degree in a non-nursing major from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA equal to 2.75 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

Prerequisite Course Requirements**

The applicant must have completed the following courses or course equivalents either at DeSales University or another accredited college or university within 5 years of entering the Accelerated BSN Program and must have received a grade of C or higher.




BI263: Anatomy & Physiology I w/ Lab


BI264: Anatomy & Physiology II w/ Lab


BI252: Microbiology w/ Lab


CH107: Physiological Chemistry w/ Lab*

*Must include all 3 topics:                                         general, biochemistry, and organic


MA111: Probability and Statistics


PS109: Introduction to Psychology*

*This course is a prerequisite for PS240


PS240: Human Development*

*Must cover full lifespan: conception to death


                **Course acceptance subject to Academic Undergraduate Dean approval

DeSales offers several  online prerequisites courses through our ACCESS adult education program. Learn more »

Prerequisites may be completed at any accredited college or university.  Applicants completing prerequisites at the community college should reference their transfer agreements for course equivalency. All prerequisite courses from other institutions will be evaluated for equivalency to DeSales University courses.  Only courses that are considered to be equivalent will be accepted as prerequisites.  CLEP testing is available only for the courses of Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

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