Routine practicum evaluation is performed to assure that all students have timely and beneficial formative and summative evaluations of their progression in the specialty MSN courses.  For a student to pass their MSN specialty courses, they must complete the required number of practicum hours, attain satisfactory performance and achievement of course outcomes.  Each program has a specific set of criteria which the preceptor should refer to throughout the evaluation process.

Students will:

  • complete a written self-evaluation at the mid-point and end of each semester
  • complete a site and preceptor evaluation at the end of each semester

Preceptors will:

  • review, provide additional comments and sign the student's mid-point self-evaluation
  • complete a final clinical evaluation with the student by the last day of the practicum rotation

Faculty will:

  • provide formative evaluation to the student as close to the mid-point of the rotation as possible
  • complete a site visit report, provide a signed copy to the student and place a signed copy to the practicum faculty member

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