MSN Completion for Certified Nurse Midwives & Certified Nurse Practitioners

The post-certificate MSN can be completed in either one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study.

The curriculum of the MSN Completion Program recognizes the expertise of the practicing certificate-prepared clinician, which is built upon a strong foundation of clinical theory. Therefore, the post-certificate MSN student may transfer the equivalent of up to 26 credits.

Equivalency is calculated from didactic and clinical requirements of the original certificate program. Equivalency is determined on a case-by-case basis, culled from educational experiences in the certificate program only. Continuing education in other forms will not be considered for equivalency credit (e.g. continuing education units or CEUs).

Completion of the program results in the conferral of a generic MSN.


All post-certificate MSN students must take the following seven courses - 27 credits*

Core Courses

  • NU 522: Health Policy, Organization, and Financing (3 credits)

  • NU 530: Applied Research (3 credits)

  • NU 534: Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3 credits)

  • NU 536: Clinical Prevention in Population Health (3 credits)

  • NU 538: Health Informatics, Quality and Safety (3 credits)

  • NU 622: Advanced Physical Assessment (4 credits; 75 hours clinical lab)

  • NU 626: Pathophysiology (3 credits)

  • NU 628: Advanced Pharmacology (4 credits)

  • NU 799: Capstone Portfolio (1 credit)

See Graduate Catalog for course descriptions »

*If  your equivalency from the original certificate program, combined with the coursework described above, does not equal 50 credits, additional courses will be required in order to meet the minimum number of credits for graduation with the MSN. These courses would be considered electives, but would be assigned by the MSN Program Director.

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