In the DNP Executive Leadership Track you'll complete:

  • 14 courses plus scholarly project and portfolio

  • 41 - 48 credits

  • 525 minimum residency hours plus variable practicum hours based on individual gap analysis







NU 800: Leadership for Practice (3 cr.)


NU 802: Evidence Based Practice I (3 cr.)

FD 505: Foundations in Business (3 cr.)*


NU 807: Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics (3 cr.)

NU 808: Health Policy and Ethics (3 cr.)


NU 810: Translational Research (4 cr.)


NU 812: Healthcare Informatics
(3 cr.)

NU 813: Special Topics in Executive Leadership
(1 - 7 cr.)+


On campus end of August



On campus beginning of January (optional)

On campus beginning of April (optional)




NU 816 Scholarship Residency (3 cr./ 225 residency hrs.)

NU 809: Business Computing (3 cr.)

NU 818: Leadership Residency
(4 cr. /225 residency hrs.)

NU 801: Financial and Managerial Accounting (3 cr.)


NU 820: DNP Scholarly Project and Defense
(3 cr. /75 residency hrs.)

NU 805: Marketing Management (3 cr.) 

DNP Requirements Completed



On campus end of August 



On campus beginning of January (optional)

On campus mid-June as arranged for final review and final presentation of Scholarly Project



* Grades earned in these courses will not be computed in the graduate GPA

+Requirements based on gap analysis completed by DNP Director

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