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Meet Abby Garza ’21, Leadership Scholarship Winner

by Janelle Hill | Oct 11, 2017

Abby Garza '21 Winner of Leadership Scholarship 2017

Abby Garza ’21, Theatre
Allentown Central Catholic, Bethlehem, PA

Dance Team, Chorus, The Freddy Awards, Viking Ambassadors, the Musical, Drama Club 

“Getting to know that DeSales really cared about my leadership and my actual academics was definitely something that drew me to the school.” 

How did you find out about the Leadership Scholarship?

My dad actually went to DeSales and so did my aunt and my uncle so I have a large family that came from DeSales. I found out about the Leadership Scholarship when someone came to our school to do on the spot decision-making.

Describe your reaction when you found out you won.

I was actually at school still because I was in rehearsals and I had stepped out to go get something to eat and my mom called me. She was like Abby you just won the scholarship. I was shocked; my mom started crying.

Fun Fact?

I love Disney. I’m planning on doing the internship at some point. I'm hopefully going to be one of the Disney princesses.

Advice for applicants who are worried about the interview process?

It was really welcoming and friendly. I was kind of nervous going into it but once I got into the room, there was nothing to be nervous about. They are all extremely welcoming, wonderful people.

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