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TV/Film Students Film Campus Helicopter Landing for Project

by Maggie McNichol '16 | Apr 25, 2014

On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Hollywood landed in Center Valley. 

As part of the opening scene of a film written and produced by Chuck Gloman, associate professor and director of the TV/Film program at DeSales, a helicopter landed on campus and was filmed by TV/Film students.

The film, Storing Treasures, is the story of “Ben,” played by Steven Dennis, associate professor of theatre, who goes through a journey of self discovery and realizes that true happiness does not come from money or material things in life. The film is directed by Anne Lewis, an associate professor in the performing arts division.

Helicopter for TV/Film ProjectThe opening scene involves Dennis emerging from the helicopter with his assistant, “Maggie,” played by freshman theatre major, Emma Santschi. Lee A. Butz, chairman of Alvin H. Butz, Inc., and volunteer photographer for DeSales’ ACT 1 program, donated his privately owned helicopter for two hours of use.

There were seven different camera angles on this shoot and many of the actors and camera people had their first helicopter ride experience.

“It was certainly an incredible experience and the highlight of the semester for me,” said sophomore TV/Film major, Jackson Kitchell. “I wasn’t originally slated to be one of the camera operators in the helicopter, but I was given a spot and a good amount of the footage I shot was used in the final edit.

“I really never thought I’d get an opportunity like that while still in college,” he said.

Gloman organizes a major shoot every spring for the benefit of the students in TV/Film program.  Previous events have involved a rooftop filming, and the operation of a camera on a crane. At the helicopter event, seven prospective high school students attended the shoot as potential majors for next upcoming school year.

A red carpet premiere of Storing Treasures will be held at the DeSales University Center on Sunday, May 4, 2014, at 6:00 p.m.

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