Finance integrates the knowledge of several disciplines, particularly economics and accounting

As a finance major, you'll have an opportunity to take courses in banking, security analysis, risk management, taxation, and international finance. Graduates are prepared to pursue a variety of careers including banking, financial management, security analysis, and insurance.

The Capstone Business Simulation

As part of the curriculum for senior seminars in accounting, finance, management, management of information technology, and marketing, senior business students participate in a global computer simulation game.  They operate a business and make decisions relating to marketing strategy, human resources, sales, and finance. 

Want to major in two different areas of business?

Dual Major: 2 degrees in 4 years

 No problem! Most of your major core courses will be completed your freshman and sophomore years, so you can work on your second major during your junior and senior years. That means you can complete two degrees in the traditional four year period.

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