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A Business Degree from DeSales University is comprehensive, challenging, innovative and packed with practical application and experience.

Choose to specialize your business experience with one of our majors, or combine two and double your academic achievements. 

Majors & Minors:

Want to major in two different areas of business?

Dual Major: 2 degrees in 4 years
No problem! Most of your major core courses will be completed your freshman and sophomore years, so you can work on your second major during your junior and senior years. That means you can complete two degrees in the traditional four year period.

Make it a minor

Business Minor

A Business Minor will help you gain knowledge and valuable skills in other academic areas such as business, management, marketing and sport management.  Sorry, the Business minor is not available to sport management or business majors.

We offer minors in Business, Management, Marketing, and Sport Management. 

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