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Our business alumni have taken time to reflect on their DeSales experiences which describe their time as a student and their personal challenges and achievements. We hope you find the information interesting and helpful. 

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Sedler, Jayne - Class of 2003


Jayne Sedler
IT Specialist
Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
7201 Hamilton Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18195

Why I Do What I Do: The challenge of proving myself on a daily basis while continuing to advance my skills, learn new technologies and understand business processes.

Birth Place: Bethlehem, PA

Current Residence: Catasauqua, PA

High School: Southern Lehigh High School

Accomplishments: Science Scholarship Award

Higher Education: Lehigh Carbon Community College: A.A. - Liberal Arts. DeSales University: B.S. - Management of Information Technology


  • Magna cum laude

  • Business Faculty Award for Excellence in Management of Information Technology

Jobs Held In College:

  • Computer Aide, Lehigh Carbon Community College

  • Internet Researcher, Management Recruiters International

  • Information Technology Intern, Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

Hobbies: Family, Music, Sports

Courses I Loved: Introduction to Management of Information Technology, Advanced Computer Applications, Management of Information Technology Senior Seminar, Ethics & Technology, Financial Management, Crime & Society, Terrorism.

Biggest Achievement: Being hired by Air Products shortly after graduation.

Biggest Disappointment: Honestly, I do not think I can name what I would consider the biggest disappointment of my life. Though I have experienced them time and time again, I think the most important thing is how you handle the situation and try to learn from your experiences.

Career Goals: To enjoy what I am doing, make a difference to people and my organization, and hopefully be successful at it.

Influential People: My family; without their unconditional love and support, I would not be where I am today.

To Gary, Alice, Joe, and Therese, who gave me my start in the business world. Without the opportunity to work with you, I would not have gotten the job I have today.

And to the DeSales University Professors - Dr. Joe Lewis, Michael Hudock, John Donaldson, Al Sproule, and the rest of the staff; I am forever grateful for all of their sound advice, constant motivation, and simply being there whenever I needed.

Biggest Challenge: Continuing to learn every day and making a name for myself. In a tough economic climate, I feel it is even more important to remain current with your skill set since the competition for employment is becoming more aggressive. With continuous cost cutting efforts occurring, the prospect of outsourcing and layoffs becomes even greater.

Best Advice Received: The times you feel like you want to quit; don't. Expect the task at hand to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

Advice I Would Give: Work hard. All your efforts will pay off in the end.

Toughest Obstacle I Overcame: Graduating from college. During high school, I never imagined myself going to college. Once I started, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to finish; tough courses, working full-time, long nights, etc. But, I eventually got used to it and began to enjoy it. Therefore, the toughest obstacle I had to overcome was myself and my thought that I couldn't complete college.

What I Liked Best About DeSales: The environment - small classes, great teachers and students.

What I Miss Most About DeSales: Getting to interact with students and professors on a daily basis.

What I Miss Least About DeSales: Long nights; no sleep.

Advice for Present DeSales Students: Enjoy your college years. Work hard, but have fun. It will be over before you know it. Even if you don't think so right now, you will miss it.

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