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Our business alumni have taken time to reflect on their DeSales experiences which describe their time as a student and their personal challenges and achievements. We hope you find the information interesting and helpful. 

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Dutta, Abhishek - Class of 2003


Abhishek Dutta
MS Financial Engineering
University of Twente
Emmastraat 210-316
BH 7513 Enschede
The Netherlands

Why I Do What I Do: I find myself intrigued by the knowledge in this world. Continuing my education seemed the logical path to follow to gain even more knowledge in this ever-changing world.

Current Residence: Enschede, The Netherlands

Birth Place: Calcutta, India

High School: St.Xavier's School, Calcutta

Higher Education: DeSales University, Center Valley, PA


  • Member of Delta Delta Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society

  • Dean's List in every semester for three years

  • DeSales University Academic Trustee Scholarship

  • Best Essay award for Freshman Essay Contest

  • Member of the golf team since my sophomore year

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude in three years

College Jobs:

  • Blackboard Technical Support

  • Office assistant in the MBA Office

  • User Consultant in the Academic Computing Center

  • Student Consultant in the Academic Computing Center

  • Peer Tutor for Financial Management, Money and Banking, and Financial Institutions classes

Hobbies: Listening to music, traveling, collecting stamps, watching a live cricket match, playing golf, and generally hanging out with my friends.

Favorite Music: Bengali Rock, Soft Rock, and music from the 90s.

Sports Personalities: Sachin Tendulkar (considered to be next to God in cricket-crazy India), Michael Schumacher, and Tiger Woods.

Courses I Loved: Money and Banking, Financial Institutions, Macro and Micro Economics, History of the Western Civilization, An Introduction to Catholic Theology, Financial Management, Calculus.

Biggest Achievement: This would definitely have to be graduating in three years with a magna cum laude. It was a goal that I had set for myself in my freshman year, and I am happy to announce that I have triumphed against a lot of time pressures and other constraints.

Biggest Disappointment: That would be not getting admitted to the Masters Program at Princeton University. If I had done better in my GRE exams, I think I would have had a good chance of making it there, and that would have been a dream come true.

Career Goals: My career goals include working for a big investment bank for at least five to ten years, and then maybe going back to India and finding some entrepreneurial opportunities to invest in. In the near future, I do not see myself working my whole life. I would like to reach a point where I know I have done the best I can, then find some business opportunities for myself.

Influential People: There are certainly a lot of them. The biggest ones would certainly be my parents. Their support and love encouraged me to reach heights that I might not have touched. I would also like to mention my professors and mentors that I have interacted with, and learned from during my short, but eventful stay at DeSales University. I am ever grateful to Dr.Latib, Dr.Hojjat, Dr.Lewis, Mike Krajsa, Mr. Donaldson, and Mary Ann Falk, who have encouraged me to perform at my best, and who have always supported me. I have to mention my friends here because without their support and friendship I could not have achieved a lot of things that I did achieve. The biggest supporter has to be my roommate, Arjun, without whom life in DeSales University would have been a lot different. Another person who supported me is my friend, Nirmalya, who is studying at Georgia Tech University. My friends at DeSales University have shown me what American life is all about (I must confess it is rather good). Also, my friends from home who have supported me and I must admit are the best friends one could ever ask for, and I am fortunate for having met them. Thanks you guys, you are the best.

Favorite Quote: "It is wise to keep your mouth shut and let them "think" that you are a fool rather than opening it and leaving no doubt".

Biggest Challenge: This would have to be leaving home and coming 12,000 miles away to study here. It has been a challenge since Day I, and it still continues to be one. However, the people here at DeSales have been wonderful in making me feel right at home. I also had a great friend in Arjun who always helped me out every time I needed someone to talk to.

Best Advice Received: To continue my studies and get my master's degree rather than look for a job.

Advice I Would Give: Do not stress too much about college. It is more important to learn the subject rather than just focus on passing the exams. Also, college life is one of the best times one can have. Live it to the fullest.

Toughest Obstacle I Overcame: Leaving my friends and family and starting a whole new life at DeSales University.

What I Liked Best About DeSales: It would be the interaction between the students and the professors. Every one is very accessible and very helpful. I had no idea that learning could be this much fun.

What I Miss Most About DeSales: I miss interacting with my professors, who beside being the best that I have ever come across, are also the most interesting people to talk to.

What I Miss Least About DeSales: Lack of parking spaces!!!!

Advice for Present DeSales Students: Seize the moment. Explore all possibilities. It is never to late to go up to a professor and ask for advice even though you might have had him a couple of years back. Network yourself and ask for help, they will always be willing to do so

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