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Our business alumni have taken time to reflect on their DeSales experiences which describe their time as a student and their personal challenges and achievements. We hope you find the information interesting and helpful. 

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Blackman, Michael R. - Class of 2002


Michael R. Blackman
Proshop Merchandising Attendant

Why I Do What I Do: I work for a professional sports team because I love sports. There is something about sports and competition that puts me in a state of euphoria. I wake up every day wanting to go to work. The excitement and adrenaline that rushes through my body during events is like nothing else imaginable. As long as I have a burning desire and passion for what I do I will never stop.

Birth Place: Albany, NY

Current Residence: Bethlehem, PA

High School: Clayton A. Bouton Senior High School. At Bouton I played at Glens Falls Civic Center. The civic center hosts the New York State High School Basketball Championships every year. It is every New York state high school basketball player's dream to step onto that court and it meant a great deal to me to play there. I had been watching the championships every year with my dad since I was six, witnessing first-hand the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. Additionally, I made the Honor Roll all four years.

Higher Education: DeSales University-BS in Marketing and Sport Management. While earning my undergraduate degree at DeSales I received the Sport Management Department Academic Scholarship and the DeSales Academic Scholarship all four years. Serving as the executive director of the Inaugural First Night Bethlehem with Aardvark Sports Shop 5K

Jobs Held In College: Movie Theatre Manager

Hobbies: Basketball, golf, being in the company of friends, listening to music (especially the meaningful lyrics of Dave Matthews), and attending sporting events.

Favorite Music: The music of Dave Matthews

Sports Personalities: Charles Barkley, Emmitt Smith, and Carmelo Anthony

Courses I Loved: Sport Marketing and Promotions, Facility Planning and Event Management, The Governance of Sport and Athletics, Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Electronic Marketing, Marketing Research, Probability and Statistics, Financial Accounting, and Managerial Accounting.

Biggest Achievement: Obtaining a position with the Philadelphia Eagles

Biggest Disappointment: Losing in the New York State high school basketball sectional semi-finals. It was a huge accomplishment to have played at Glens Falls Civic Center but losing there was very disappointing to me.

Career Goals: To become promoted within the Philadelphia Eagles Merchandise Department with the possibility of transferring to the Marketing department where I would one day like to hold a senior level position.

Influential People: My parents, Rich and Chris, have been the most influential people in my life. I have them to thank for everything I have. The way I was brought up and the beliefs they instilled in me have had a great impact on the person I have become. Two very close friends, who passed away, Matt and Ed, taught me that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to as long and you are confident that you will succeed and do not worry about failing; you can never take anything for granted, life can be short, live everyday as if it is your last. My university professors, Mr. Michael Krajsa, Dr. Sue McGorry, Dr. Jamie Orejan, and Dr. Brian Turner, influenced me tremendously. They each provided me with knowledge, advice, and most importantly confidence to succeed in today's world.

Favorite Quote: "For me, winning isn't something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream."-Emmitt Smith.

Biggest Challenge: Trying to find a job after I graduated in May 2002. The job market was extremely tough and everyone wanted experience. Experience was difficult for me to obtain since I had just recently graduated from college. Even after hundreds of interviews with no job offers I never gave up. I kept persistent in my ways and I was determined to find a job. It all paid off in the end when the Philadelphia Eagles offered me a job.

Best Advice Received: I was advised to select a dual major by a law school student who I had just met at a party. I chose marketing and it has opened up an entire new set of paths for me to explore.

Advice I Would Give: It is all about who you know in today's market place. Network yourself to your highest capabilities by communicating with as many people as you can, branding yourself, and setting yourself apart from others by leading rather than following.

Toughest Obstacle I Overcame: Losing two extremely close friends to death. Most things in life get easier the more times you go through them. Death, however, does not. It just never gets any easier to deal with.

What I Liked Best About DeSales: The small size of classes which allowed you to interact very closely with professors.

What I Miss Most About DeSales: When I was in college I could party all of the time. Now that I have a job I need to be responsible and not go out every night.

What I Miss Least About DeSales: Campus Police

Advice for Present DeSales Students: Try to communicate as much as possible with your professors. The knowledge and advice they have for you will help you out tremendously now and for years to come.

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