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Villains, beware! Our online degree is so flexible, it should be criminal

If you've ever considered a career in criminal justice but thought you couldn't fit earning a degree into your schedule, think again. With our online degree in Criminal Justice from the DeSales ACCESS program, we bring the classroom to you. Our program goes beyond textbooks and theory; our expert instructors will give you an education grounded on practical knowledge that you can put to use immediately.

How quickly can I earn my degree?

40 courses (120 credits) are required for graduation. But, did you know?

Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a more detailed explanation of the specific degree requirements and course prerequisites.

Core Classes
(15 required courses)

Basic Requirements (2 courses)
 EN103 Composition & Rhetoric I
 EN104 Composition & Rhetoric II

Modes of Thinking
(4 courses)
 MOT Literature: EN 110, 112, 115, EN 118
 MOT Natural Science: BI 209, 211, or CH 209
 MOT Philosophy: PL 109
 MOT Mathematics: MA 110 or MA 121
 MOT Social Science: Covered By Major

Cultural Literacy
(6 courses)
 Humanities 1: H1201, HI 213, or P0 201
 Humanities 2: HI 202, HI 214, HI 262, or P0 202
 Humanities 3: Great Works of Art or Music
 Humanities 4: Great Works of Literature
 Foreign Language or World Cultures Course 1 *
 Foreign Language or World Cultures Course 2 *
 *Students must complete either two consecutive language courses or
  two World Cultures courses to satisfy this requirement.
  Languages are recommended for IB majors.

Christian Values and Theology 
(3 courses)
 TH109 Catholic Theology
 Intermediate Theology (200 - 300 level)
 Values Seminar: MG, PL, TH

(as needed)
    Select courses from any academic area.


(16 required courses)

PS 109 Introduction to Psychology SO 109 Introduction to Sociology
SO 203 Social Problems
CS 105 Introduction to Computer Systems 
CJ 109 Crime and Society
CJ 160 Criminal Law
CJ 250 Criminology
CJ 260 Law Enforcement
CJ 280 Corrections
CJ 350 Research Methods
CJ 365 Criminal Procedure
CJ 453 Senior Seminar
Controlled Elective*  
Controlled Elective*
Controlled Elective*
Controlled Elective*

* Choose controlled electives from: any CJ or SO courses; LG 109, 425, or any LG; PO 103, 255, 256, 330, 475; PS 240, 250, 290, 300, 365, 370. 

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