Faculty Professional Activities

Dr. Karen Doyle Walton, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Karen Doyle Walton

Provost & Vice President for
Academic Affairs

As Provost of DeSales University, I am honored to acknowledge and congratulate our faculty for their academic excellence.

Why is our faculty excellent? Let me refer to a book entitled The University: An Owner's Manual, written by Henry Rosovsky, who was Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science at Harvard for eleven years. Rosovsky states that:

...academic life is a world in motion. Some changes revolutionize fields of study; occasionally new subjects are born; some innovations are ephemeral and quickly forgotten. New ideas can make life miserable for the many who have a stake in the old ways, generating conflict between the adherents of the old and the new. Every scholar has to face these fundamental challenges during his or her lifetime. It is at once a burden, a challenge, and one of the attractions of academic life.

I believe that our faculty, and hence our academic programs, are excellent because our faculty knows that "the academic life is a world in motion." DeSales University prides itself in the fact that we are entrepreneurial, agile, and becoming global.

DeSales University is a "teaching" institution, but our faculty members are active scholars as well as excellent teachers. The University's goal is to provide our students with the valuable educational experience of one-to-one learning, guidance, motivation, and inspiration from faculty members with excellent academic credentials, professional experience, and pedagogical skills.

As faculty members send me information about their professional activities, I disseminate it periodically in the form of memos entitled "Faculty Professional Activities." In most cases, I do very little editing of the descriptions they send me.

Listed below are the "Faculty Professional Activities" for the last several years. My thanks and kudos to our faculty for their impressive accomplishments.

Dr. Karen Doyle Walton
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs