From electronically-enhanced classrooms to wireless mobile devices like laptops and smartphones, DeSales University offers students and faculty access to new cutting-edge technologies that support an unsurpassed learning environment.

MyDSU is now your gateway to all* of your DeSales websites and accounts. 

Your e-mail, WebAdvisor, Blackboard Learn and Datatel logins will be available from one place, with ONE login and ONE password!

  • Students: Your login for all* of your accounts will be your DeSales e-mail/gmail username – 
    for example: im1234 
    and your active directory/ResNet password – usually your birthday followed by Dsu – for example: 
    071090Dsu (if your birthday is July 10, 1990). This is CASE SENSITIVE.
  • Faculty and Staff: your login and password for all* of your accounts will be your Active Directory login – the one you use to log into your computer, usually your last name and first initial – for example: facultya

WebAdvisor provides online access to course information, grades, and more. It is accesible directly in MyDSU. 


To access your e-mail, please Login to MyDSU.

Campus internet and telephone access

Questions or problems? Call the HelpDesk.

  • The HelpDesk serves as the central point of contact for all PC and network-related requests, RESNET requests, Cable TV problems, and telephone-related requests.

    Contact the HelpDesk by email or call x4357.

    6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. (except holidays)

    After hours:
    Response to business critical issues only.

    Business critical calls for issues such as campus wide network disruptions, server outages, problems with Smart Classroom equipment, and problems affecting more than 5 users are supported from 9:00 p.m.  to 6:0 a.m. and all day on weekends and holidays via a Voicemail Notification (automatically occurs when leaving voicemail during these hours)
    Noncritical issues will be handled the next business day.