Rules and Regulations

The operation and parking of vehicles on DeSales University property is a privilege, not a right. Operators must abide by Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and University parking regulations. Violations will result in a citation/ticket being issued. DeSales University Police Officers have the authority of issuing citations in the event a motor vehicle infraction occurs. These regulations have been established to ensure fair and equitable access to parking for all members of our​ University community, as well as visitors. The parking regulations are strictly enforced.

Vehicle Registration
When registering on-line, you will need to have the following information - your vehicle registration card and your DeSales University ID number.

Students, faculty and staff may complete the registration process online ►

All motor vehicles parked on campus must be registered and display the current year DSU registration permit. Permits must be clearly displayed so that it is visible. Permits either improperly placed or not clearly visible will result in a citation being issued to the vehicle operator. All motor vehicles operated or parked on DSU property must display a current license plate and inspection sticker. Students & Faculty who operate more than one vehicle must register each additional vehicle.

Permit cost per vehicle

  • Resident Students - $75.00
  • Non-Resident Students - $25.00

Students may apply for two permits online.

Parking Regulations

All Resident students are permitted to park in the following lots at any time:

  • Their own residence hall, Billera Hall and the Labuda Theater.
  • Between 6:30pm and 2:00am resident students may park in the following lots: Dooling Hall, Trexler Library, Gambet Center, Hurd Science Center and McShea Student Union.
  • Between 7:30pm and 2:00am residents students may park in the DeSales University Center lot.
  • Resident students are prohibited from parking in the Wills Hall lot.

All Non-Resident students are permitted to park in the following lots at any time:

  • DeSales University Center, Gambet Center, Trexler Library, Billera Hall, Labuda Theater and McShea Student Union.
  • Between 4:30pm and 2:00am non-resident students may park in the Dooling Hall lot.
  • Between 6:30pm and 2:00am non-resident students may park in the Hurd Science Center lot.
  • Non-resident students are prohibited from parking in residence hall lots (except Brisson and Chappuis) and Wills Hall lot.

All Faculty and Staff may park in any lot with the exception of Wills Hall and Trexler Library.

No student, faculty, staff or visitor may park in a space reserved for handicapped individuals without the proper credentials or in a space reserved for a particular member of the faculty/staff.

Timed parking spaces will be strictly enforced.

Parking is prohibited in any place that is not a designated parking space. Examples of prohibited parking areas would be: the campus lawn, driveways, walkways, crosswalks, turning or travel lanes, fire lanes and safety zones. THESE ARE EXAMPLES AND NOT MEANT TO BE AN ALL-INCLUSIVE LIST.

Failure to register a vehicle or properly display the permit so it is visible in the lower left corner of the back window will result in a ticket being issued.

All traffic laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are applicable and must be followed at all times.

These regulations have been established to ensure fair and equitable access to parking by all members of the DeSales University community, including visitors. All motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations will be enforced. Violators will be issued parking tickets and/or Pennsylvania State citations. Visitors must register at the Police station located in the Father Lawless Center. Upon registering the vehicle visitors will be issued a temporary parking pass. There is no charge for the parking pass.

Violations and Fines

Improper Placement/Attachment of Permit - $30.00
No Valid DSU Parking Permit - $50.00
Parking in Unauthorized Lot - $50.00
Parking in a Reserved Space - $50.00
Exceeding Posted Time Limit - $50.00
Blocking Dumpster - $50.00
Parking on Campus Lawn - $50.00
Parking in a Driveway/Walkway - $50.00
Parking in a Fire Zone - $50.00
Parking within 15 ft. of Fire Hydrant - $50.00
Sign Prohibits Parking - $50.00
Parking in a Handicapped Only Space - $85.00
Fraudulent use of a permit - $100.00

Fines not paid with 5 days of the date and time of the citation will be assessed a $30.00 late fee.

The University reserves the right to remove, at the owner's expense, any vehicle in violation of these regulations.

How to Avoid Tickets

Here are some pointers that will help you to avoid tickets:

  • Register your vehicle online, and be sure that your permit is properly displayed
  • Only park in lots which have been reserved for your permit color
  • Do not park on the grass or driveways
  • Contact us if you will be using an unregistered vehicle on campus
  • Wills Hall parking is reserved and strictly enforced​

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