Payment of Tickets and Fines

Parking violations must be paid within five days from the date and time the citation was issued. After five days, a late fee of $30.00 will be added to the original fine amount. After 15 days, all unpaid fines plus late fees will be automatically charged to the registered operator's DSU account.

Do not mail payments through campus or regular mail. Parking fines can be paid by credit card on-line, or in person by cash or check at the Treasurer's Office, located on the second floor in Dooling Hall. Payment will not be accepted at DeSales University Police Department.

Payments made on-line by credit/debit card are NOT REFUNDABLE.

Pay your parking fine online​

Appealing a Ticket

If you feel that the ticket was issued to you in error you may appeal that ticket. First the fine must be paid either online by credit/debit card or at the Treasurer's Office by cash or check. Appeals must be submitted within five calendar days of the violation. All appeal decisions are final. You will be notified via your DeSales email account of the outcome. If your appeal is granted, the fine will be refunded to your student account.

Any appeals received after the five day deadline will not be considered. Appeal forms which are not filled out completely or are not legible will not be considered, and will be denied.

Appeal forms are available at the Office of University Police, Lawless Center, and on the University​ website (see link Below).

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