Timely Warnings Policy

The DeSales University Police Department and the Office of Student Affairs are responsible for providing relevant information to the campus community when facts exist and information is received that there is reason to believe that a crime or event has occurred that may represent a serious or on-going threat to the safety of students and employees.  In the event such a situation arises, the University Police chief or the vice president of student life shall order the issuance of a timely warning known as a Campus Crime Alert.

A Campus Crime Alert will be distributed as soon as possible after an incident is reported to the University Police Department.  Crime alerts will also be disseminated when relevant information is received from local police agencies.  Anyone with information warranting a Campus Crime Alert should immediately report the circumstances to the DeSales University Police by calling 610.282.1100, ext. 1250 or in person at the DeSales University Police Department, located in Lawless Center.

The University provides this information to the campus community in a timely manner with the intent that members who are made aware of these crimes may adjust their work or study patterns or habits to incorporate a higher degree of awareness of personal safety within their lives.

Depending on the circumstances, crime alerts are issued in two formats —hard copy and electronic postings.  These alerts may be distributed by any one or more of the following means:

  • Postings in campus buildings on bulletin boards and front doors.  Crime alerts will be posted in residence halls and academic buildings by staff from the Office of University Police and the Office of Student Life;
  • Alert messages on the University homepage;
  • Via the University e-mail system; and
  • Via text messaging to registered mobile phones and e-mail addresses through e2Campus.

Information included in a Campus Crime Alert will typically include, at a minimum:

  • A succinct statement of the incident and type of crime, including location, date, and time of occurrence​;
  • A physical description of the suspect(s);
  • Date and time the Campus Crime Alert was released; and
  • Appropriate safety tips.

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